Urban Loft Set

The Urban Loft set is our newest and features a stylish, industrial look. It has seating for up to three and a customizable door-way style set entrance for easy and fluid walk on and off actions. It has a large screen on the back wall for any video, b-roll, images or other branding that is currently off kilter in style, but can also be straightened, depending on client needs. The back wall has a faux window to display any geographic location so anyone can be anywhere with the upload of a new video file.

Set Specs

• Distressed set design
• 17'x19'14'
• Seating up to three
• Full sized faux window with LED video screen to mimic the look of an exterior shot, including true-to-life outside movement
• On set entry walkway for seamless guest introductions and exits
• Walkway camera-facing wall can be customized with 4’x8’ artwork
• A 1950 Zenith Porthole TV refurbished with an LED screen for HD
• videos and images
• 50” TV in background - askewed or straightened
• Faux exterior window frame with sliding shot to mimic the view of being outside looking in