Lifestyle & Wellness

RYU Live

Pilot Episode – RYU Live is all about health, wellness and respecting your universe. Host and fitness expert Gideon Akande is joined by dance and fitness influencer Brittany Tardi to get real with two guests who need help staying motivated and consistent towards their health goals.

Filmmaking & Entertainment

Zacuto Live

In this first episode of Zacuto Live hosted by Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn from May 2018, we talk about how filmmakers are using the live format and how it can expand not only viewership of a specific show but also a filmmakers ‘brand.’ We give a tour of our new live show set, show the Tricaster gear we’re using to broadcast, and talk about what’s coming next.

Filmmaking & Movies

Zacuto Live

Zacuto Live, hosted by Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn are joined by prolific filmmaker Bruce Logan, ASC. Bruce has been working in cinematography and visual effects since the late 60s. His expansive resume including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Tron and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He delves into his experiences working with Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas and more.

Lifestyle & Pop Culture

Trendsetters talk about special events

Amanda Elliott, founder of Windy City Cosmo talks with with Courtney Wheeler, Communications Coordinator at HBO, and style bloggers Caitlin Jecklin and Danielle Sommerfeld of Once Upon a Dollhouse to learn how they throw memorable and Instagram-worthy launch parties for their clients.

News & Political

Hard Lens Media interview with Alderman Candidate

Kit Cabello, co-founder of Hard Lens Media sat down with Aldermanic candidate Theresa Siaw before the Chicago primary elections in January. She’s running in the 26th Ward. They discussed the policy ideas she has for her ward and what she thinks about the city’s biggest issues.

Legal & Professional Services

Workers' Compensation Attorney

Mike Wojtas did a video series about what people need to know about his Workers’ Compensation law practice. He represents injured workers in Central and Northern Illinois, as well as Chicago, Rockford and the surrounding suburbs. Visit his law firm and watch more videos about his practice here.


Zacuto Live

Hosted by Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn are joined by London-based cinematographer and filmmaker Philip Bloom in a revamp of their classic show “Critics.” In Critics, Steve and Philip, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. In this episode, they critique and break apart each other’s recent work.

Political & Informative

Hard Lens Media

Kit Cabello, co-founder of Chicago-based Hard Lens Media sat down with Daniel Luepker, CEO and co-founder of Hard Lens and reporter Paul DuPont to discuss how grass-roots organization Reclaim Chicago is impacting the mayoral election and addressing City Hall corruption.

Environmental & News

Hard Lens Media

Climate change journalist and insurance model expert Rebecca Marra lays out why the fires in California were so devastating not just to homeowners but how they were catastrophic for the insurance industry. Kit Cabello hosted with Daniel Luepker, who also brought up how the elite residents (and their insurance companies) installed private fire-prevention resources.

Political & News

Mi Casa Su Casa Network

Civil rights activist, political analyst, independent journalist and army veteran Niko House of Mi Casa Su Casa is interviewed by Hard Lens Media about the heated and controversial congressional race in Florida’s 23rd District. House was instrumental in the initiation of the DNC Fraud lawsuit and was a grassroots organizer for Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign. 

Business & News

Hard Lens Media

The search for Amazon’s second HQ is over and now many other cities, including Chicago are evaluating why NYC/Virginia got it and why they didn’t and maybe it’s for the best. They’re talking about the tax credits and what how Amazon wins no matter where they go. Kit Cabello of Hard Lens Media debates the pros and cons of the deal with Daniel Luepker, CEO and co-founder of Hard Lens and reporter Paul DuPont.

Government & Military

Hard Lens Media

This episode explores the Pentagon’s late 2018 audit and what its findings and failure says about the largest government agency which has an annual budget of almost a trillion dollars. Kit Cabello of Hard Lens Media discusses the audit with Paul DuPont and Daniel Luepker, who asks why the DOD keeps buying wasteful, expensive things and then can’t keep track of purchases.

Marketing & Branding

Association Event with In-Studio Audience

Zacuto Studios and Gather Voices hosted a live studio audience and two guests via Skype to discuss the many ways video can help support association members with their non-dues revenue. The event was open to marketing and communications executives in the Chicagoland area and was hosted by Gather Voices’ founder Michael Hoffman and Joel Resnik.

Political & Filmmaking

Zacuto Live

Hosted by Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn are joined by filmmaker Philip Bloom in their classic show “Critics” to discuss and critique political ads from a filmmaking perspective. Filmmaker Rod Guajardo from Four Sandy Feet Film Co. is on the show as well to talk about his border patrol short film.

Entertainment & Filmmaking

Zacuto Live

Hosted by Steve Weiss & Australian filmmaker Mick Jones: How to Run a Successful Production Company – with special guests Filthy Look Films, Four Sandy Feet Film Co. & Spirit Juice Studios.