• 1970sCreative Kids

    Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn both began their creative journey at an early age experimenting with photography and film as kids.
  • Early 80'sEarly Launch

    Jens went to film school and Steve started shooting weddings and music videos.  
  • 1983The First of Many

    Steve started his production company 1st Generation Film/Video.

  • 1984Innovative Fashion

    Steve had an idea of creating fashion videos that would play in department stores. This had never been done before. To sell the concept, Steve had to actually rent the monitors and VCR’s to play his new fashion videos since no stores had them at the time. Steve created videos for companies like I.B. Diffusion, Hartmarx and Christian Dior.
  • 1985Double Exposure

    Jens joins Steve as his new Cinematographer. Watch their story here.
  • 1990'sThinking Ahead

    Jens and Steve form tight relationships with corporations who allow them to create and express their creative concepts and eventually sell 1st Generation to move on to other new endeavors.  https://zacutostudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ib60.jpg create
  • 2000Second Act

    Steve and Jens formed Zacuto Rentals focusing on creating their own turn-key camera packages in the new professional HD camera market.
  • 2005The Inventors

    Seeing the market changing, Jens and Steve decide to create their own brand of filmmaking products and Zacuto USA was born. Bringing their years of filmmaking experience they invent hundreds of products and new concepts like quick-release and universal components.
  • 2008-2017Content Pioneers

    Steve and Jens go back to their roots as filmmakers and create one of the first long-running web series, 'FilmFellas' which first aired on line in 2008. Followed up by seven other web series and were the first to ever win an Emmy for a web series in 2010 and they subsequently won four more.
  • 2018A Studio is Born

    Zacuto Studios is launched in order to create live programming to interact with Zacuto's customers and produce weekly content for their new show, 'Zacuto Live' which is watched by filmmakers around the world.
  • 2019Ready for You

    Zacuto Studios builds two additional sets, brings on more staff to introduce live studio streaming to forward-thinking companies.